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SleepEase+™ Bluetooth Headset, Luxury Travel & Blackout Sleep Mask

SleepEase+™ Bluetooth Headset, Luxury Travel & Blackout Sleep Mask

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Sleep Better with SleepEase+™ The Ultimate Bluetooth Sleep Mask

 Studies show that 6 out of 10 people have trouble getting to sleep. Meet the sleep mask that single-handedly made all other masks obsolete. 

Experience Ultimate Comfort & Sound Anywhere You Go

Enhance Your Sleep Quality & Block Out Light & Noise

✔️ 100%  Light block out
✔️ Built-in music headphones, so you can transform any noisy environment into a perfect sleeping experience! 

Wake Up Refreshed & Experience a Deeper, More Restful Sleep

✔️Studies show that adults who listen to relaxing music before bed is proven to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up less during the night because music helps you prepare and relax before sleeping.


SleepEase+™  Bluetooth Headset Sleep Mask is specifically designed for sleeping 

✔️Sleep on your side or back without discomfort
✔️Ultra Slim built-in wireless headphones
✔️Stream continuously all night up to 10-12 Hours in full charge


✔️ Just remove the electronics first



✔️Bluetooth 5.0 chip, can be connected to your mobile phone to enjoy the music.
Built-in microphone for your to answer the phone call.
✔️Comfortable velvet material, more breathable.
✔️Elastic band and hook & loop fasteners, fits most of people.

❤️See What Our Customers Are Saying

Life-changing Sleep Aid! ★★★★★-The SleepEase+™ transformed my sleep. As a chronic insomniac, I've tried it all. This mask is a game-changer. The comfort and sound quality are top-notch. I've never slept better!  By: Sarah L.

Unbeatable Comfort! ★★★★★- These were given to me as a gift. I've never used a more comfortable sleep mask. The velvet material feels so luxurious. Its like a hug for my eyes. I will be purchasing these for friends & family! By: Michael R.

 Stayed Connected, Slept Soundly! ★★★★★ -Being able to listen to calming music while dozing off is incredible. The Bluetooth feature is seamless, and the blackout mask ensures I sleep like a baby. By: Emma D.

 Quality Product, Quality Sleep! ★★★★★-I'm extremely impressed with the quality of this mask. The fit is perfect, and the sound clarity is exceptional. I've been sleeping through the night since using SleepEase+™. By: Jason M.
A Godsend for Anxiety! ★★★★★-As someone battling anxiety, this mask has been a blessing. The comfort helps me relax, and the music feature calms my nerves. It's a must-have for anyone seeking peaceful sleep." By: Taylor S.

 Worth Every Penny! ★★★★★- Initially, I was skeptical, but SleepEase+™ exceeded my expectations. The investment is worth it for the quality of sleep I've achieved. Highly recommended! By: Olivia P.




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